Innovis Datasync shortlisted for Retail Week Technology Awards

5th June 2009

AxiCom has secured Inovis a place in the running for this year’s Retail Week Technology Awards, which are taking place on Tuesday 16th June at the Hilton Hotel, Park Lane. The DataSync project with House of Fraser has been shortlisted as a finalist for the Supply Chain Innovation Award.

The innovative synchronising technology pools supplier data, which has traditionally been transmitted in multiple formats, into one single source of information. By simplifying this process which has typically been one of the most complex areas of supply chain communication, the Datasync service improves communication between retailer and supplier. The data is automatically updated to House of Fraser when new ranges or changes, additions or deletions are made by the supplier, negating the need for manual changes to be made. This product therefore has the potential to reshape supply chain communication within the UK retail space.

Thanks to increasing data accuracy, House of Fraser and partners are able to reduce the number of aborted deliveries due to incorrect stock being ordered and dispatched to stores. Each aborted trip potentially costs a supplier hundreds of pounds in terms of fuel and labour, not to mention penalty charges from the retailer for failure to deliver the correct goods. Datasync ensures the right goods arrive at the right time.

Stephen Jeffries of Inovis said: “Datasync is one of the largest collaborative drives ever in UK retail and the Retail Week Technology Awards are a high profile chance to showcase the product to a key target audience of potential customers.”