BT: troubled by the numbers game

BT Global Services had run into trouble in Germany in its numbers rental business when unscrupulous operators had started to use them to fleece consumers...


Following a positive response to my notes about the 10 worst mistakes people make in application letters I thought I would share my thoughts on the things people get wrong in CVs. So… Too many pages: Keep it short and simple. Writing more than two pages suggests you don’t understand what a CV is for. The aim is to give a clear summary of your background, not to explain everything you did in...
Posted by Lyle Closs
02 October, 2014
Every day I receive application letters from hopeful graduates from across the UK wanting to work in PR, and many from across Europe as well. Based on 30 years’ experience of separating the wheat from the chaff, here is my view of the main mistakes people make in application letters. Get any one of these wrong and your application is likely to be rejected. Using the same letter for every...
Posted by Lyle Closs
21 August, 2014
According to Wikipedia, Gamification is “the integration of game mechanics or game dynamics into a website, service, community, campaign, or application in order to drive participation and engagement”. At its core, the principles of gamification are nothing new - we have all likely experienced the enhanced sense of motivation and ambition directly related to competition in some shape or form. “...
Posted by Richard Easton
15 October, 2012
According to Rupert Murdoch, President Obama is joining common cause with “Silicon Valley paymasters who threaten all software creators with piracy, plain thievery" for his dislike of SOPA and PIPA.  Quite aside from the issues around IP protection on the internet, the really galling aspect of this situation is to hear Rupert Murdoch spouting off accusations of thievery and wrong-doing while...
Posted by Julian Tanner
23 January, 2012
The descent of Kodak into Chapter 11 has been well reported and its inevitability long anticipated.  All blame it on the inexorable rise of digital imaging and Kodak’s inability to keep pace.  What has not been brought to light is the almost suicidal decisions that Kodak made back in 1993 to actually reduce its efforts in digital imaging so that it could focus on the tumultuous battle...
Posted by Julian Tanner
19 January, 2012
I've never enjoyed the hiring process. Invariably it means there is pressure on the team as you're either hiring to expand due to client wins (more work) or resignations (less people to do the work).The whole interview process has always got me down and invariably brings out the London bus analogy - you interview for ages and then two great candidates come along at once. As sure as night turns...
06 September, 2011
So this summer has seen some PR agencies decide to reinvent themselves and, it seems, the whole PR business.  Out goes the traditional job titles of account executive and account director, and in comes “catalyst” and “strategist".  It all sounds so delightfully “modern”, doesn’t it?  But I have a couple of minor niggles about this... If an agency has lots of terribly important...
06 September, 2011
So I start this post with abject apologies to anyone who has “linked me” in during the past six months. But it seems to me, and it is a big Hattie Jacques sized but, that the motivator behind the mass circulation of LinkedIn requests is the fear of imminent unemployment. Almost like the fleeing of animals in advance of the tsunami, the arrival of a “please link to me” demand inevitably presages...
21 February, 2011
We are used to words that are developed or re-interpreted in the USA business environment moving across borders and oceans and slowly becoming part of the global business lexicon. Recent examples guaranteed to make the traditionalist English language student shudder include cadence, collude, on-boarding and socialise. ‘Cadence’ is losing its musical connotations and coming to mean...
21 January, 2011
At first I thought it was a spoof, an early April Fools joke, a little PR ribaldry. But no, it is real and they mean it. Some outfit called Quadriga University of Applied Sciences has come up with a conference in Berlin entitled: “Steering Dialogue through Change, Crisis and the everyday Workflow” that apparently is something to do with internal communications. Now read that...
15 February, 2010


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Lyle Closs
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