Dell Technology Camp

To transform the commercial client reviews programme for Dell, AxiCom created a one day, pan-EMEA press event for technical press and reviewers to showcase Dell commercial products and solutions (workstation/client/datacenter) and inspire the reviews programme for the following 12 months.


The global 3D printing industry will be worth £4.42 billion in just four years according to research firm Futuresource Consulting. You might have witnessed the hype that’s been surrounding 3D printing in recent months and years and wondered if or when we might all have a 3D printer sitting at home, waiting to create a whole myriad of items so that we never have to visit a shop again. That day isn...
Posted by Julia Lavin
12 August, 2014
The tablet computer has become a major staple in most technology natives’ lives. There is now such a variety of products available on the market, with options to suit every need and every budget, it is no surprise that industry experts predict the sales of tablets will overtake PC sales by 2015. But how likely is this to happen, and what are the main drivers behind this rapid growth in tablet...
Posted by Ellis Irwin
04 August, 2014
It would appear that Facebook has not learnt the lesson of Foursquare and Swarm, and is determined to push on – forcing users down the dual app path. Facebook Messenger has been available since 2011 and the company has now decided to remove the messenger function from its iOS and Android apps. Users now have to download the Facebook Messenger app if they want to continue using the service – much...
Posted by Natalie Benning
01 August, 2014
The latest successful IPO by Sensata Technologies reinforces suggestions that 2010 could see a return to strong IPO Territory across the US tech, med-tech and clean-tech markets. Increasing confidence in the future of the key economies is playing a part but there may be another factor hiding in the wings. One reason for the hesitance of US companies to IPO in recent years has been that...
30 March, 2010
All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed; Second, it is violently opposed; and Third, it is accepted as self-evident. These words of wisdom were penned long ago by nineteenth century philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, but could equally be applied to the innovations of the IT industry today and specifically to open source software (OSS). Just fifteen years ago we saw the...
28 November, 2009
Take the latest cutting-edge Dell client, workstation and enterprise products, add some high powered Mercedes Benz sports cars, and throw in 33 journalists from across the UK, Germany and Benelux. The result? This week’s Dell Technology Camp, held at the fantastic Mercedez Benz World at Brooklands, near Weybridge in the UK. The format of the event allowed attending press to spend the...
24 July, 2009
Interesting post from Jeffrey Mann at Gartner on his frustration with blogger's predicting the death of a major trend and to an extent, life and the universe. The latest apparently is how Twitter is canabalising RSS...but it could equally be MySpace or Microsoft. While I appreciate and to an extent agree with his frustration, he is in effect saying that the trend to declare trends dead...
18 May, 2009


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