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Why we’re all going to be Glowfacers

{Glowface v to burry ones face in ones phone whilst texting or browsing [glohfeys]}

The first generation of Glowfacers were all about speed texting competitions, thumbs sliding across the keys like Michael Flatley’s feet. Parents went mad at their kids with their faces buried in their phones and new texting etiquette emerged; it is rude to text at the dinner table. But it was always easy to pretend; text your friends under the table to get them to call you so you can escape from an awful date, send a sly message to a colleague when you’re stuck in a meeting – no one need ever know.

Until the touch screen BOOM! Try navigating your way around a touch screen keyboard without looking and you end up telling Bob in accounts that “Uliikke ..>moojeee tfff”

I used to have major issues with touch screens. Capacitive touch screens don’t respond to fingernails. I’m not a witch with talons, but I do sport lady-like long nails. But I’ve seen more and more devices using resistive touch screens. These little puppies are a doddle, but you still have to look at the screen when typing.

You can't feel your way around a touch screen, despite its touchy name. It’s either going to kill illegal texting whilst driving for good – because people can’t feel their way around the keypad – or it’ll make people take more risks, looking at the screen to type the oh so important “I’m running late” missive that may well end up in them not getting there at all.

Personally I like buttons, there is something satisfying about hearing a click clack as your message gets penned, and I can use it no matter how long my talons get. However, I can’t shy away from the touch screen takeover, blame Apple – the iPhone has pointed to the future and where Apple has gone others will follow. Touch screens offer a sleek experience on most devices , regardless of OS, and the great user interface is very likely going to make touch screen the norm.

So long live the touch screen and long live the Glowface. I’ll just have to hope my friends realise that “ktkl.,f” means “help me”


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